Keep your workplace
Covid-19 safe

Stay alert to any potential Covid-19 cases amongst employees, and react using relevant, up-to-date information

Get back to business safely and with confidence

  • Immediate alerts

    Be alerted as soon as a potential Covid-19 risk arises. Those who have encountered the Covid-19 risk may, optionally, also be alerted immediately

  • Flexible

    Employees can check in any time on any device. Alerts are completely customizable

  • Monitor employees who met outside of work

    Employees can record when they meet outside of work locations so that all Covid-19 risks are accounted for

  • Monitor all work locations

    Attendance at work locations is recorded so incidental exposure is recorded

How it works

Easy to use for both you and employees

Simply add the names and emails (individually or using a spreadsheet) after creating an account. Employees will be then emailed, optionally every day, to record if they have any Covid-19 symptoms or are at risk of having Covid-19 for other reasons, such as a family member having Covid-19.

Employees record, on any device, what work locations they have attended and if they have met other employees outside of work. If a potential Covid-19 risk arises, then organisation representatives will be immediately notified, the person who noted the Covid-19 risk will be told not to attend work locations until further notice. Employees who have met the empoyee with the Covid-19 risk or have worked at the same location may also optionally be immediately notified of the risk and told not to attend work locations.

Through this system, you can stay alert, in real-time, of any Covid-19 risks and keep your employees safe by stopping any risks from spreading.

  • Simple pricing

    $5 per user, per month. No hidden costs. No hidden fees. The service starts with a 14 day free trial so you can test out CheckinHealthy with no commitment.

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